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The Lymestone Vaults is in a building that has several hundred years of pub history. Over recent years it will be remembered by people under the names of The Wine Vaults, On the Square, O'Neils Irish Bar and the Beeston Vaults.

In 2010 the building was closed as a public house and de-licensed. At public auction it was purchased by a private landlord who promptly split the building into 2 business spaces, and let the front of the building out to Butters JB as an Estate Agents. The rear of the property still contained the original long bar, toilets and a kitchen area as well as access to the cellar.

Restructuring of the building was undertaken in part by the landlord and handed over with the bare brick still showing.

Extensive refurbishment was completed by Brad and Viv's hand chosen team. The Lymestone Vaults was completed and ready to open in November 2012.